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My CLAW Book is a Winner in Photography Book Now

My CLAW Book is a Winner in Photography Book Now

My book on the Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers, “A CLAW to Remember:The 2008 Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers Retrospective” is an honorable mention in this years Photography Book Now international photobook competition. This is a big deal. Out of 2400 entries, my book was selected as one of the best by jurors including representatives from Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, and Blindspot Magazine, in addition to sweet sweet Platon. If It couldn’t get any cooler, my good friend Jon-Phillip Sheridan is also in the show. He and I are going to roll up to the opening in New York, and show them how we do it down here in Charlottesville.

What should I wear?

Thanks again to Harvest Moon Catering, Abrakadabra, Monkeyclaus, and The Blue Moon Diner. Also, thanks to Wistar Murray for writing and editing. Alloy Workshop for design, Will May for conceptual vision, Jennifer Tidwell for being amazing, and my wife Jocelyn and son William for everything else. You all are wonderful.

And of course, thanks to the women of CLAW. You are beautiful, sexy snowflakes, and I love you all.


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The 2008 Charlotte…
By Billy Hunt
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